Saturday, August 10, 2013

The Offset: Spectacles 9th February 2009 live at D-22 and elsewhere video footage

Founded in 2006, The Offset: Spectacles were hitting some serious sonic heights by the time of this early 2009 performance at Beijing's since shuttered D-22.  Despite this, most of the Earth world are only recently finding out about our favorite "Canto Psych" band.  Usually due to hearing their great self-titled November 2011 vinyl debut which even more heads got onto when we distributed copies of the LP earlier this year to the US.  
Wait no longer if you want to purchase tho, because Rose Mansion Analog is down to their last handful of copies and Violet Times has no more copies either, so get it direct from the band/label if you want it.  If ya need more Offsets in the meantime, grab one of the brand new All Gone 'Workers' compilations highlighted by a 9 1/2 min live take from 7th of October 2010 at Xisi of The Offset: Spectacles' viola haunted throb, 'The Meat Grinder' - a cassette-only release, sold out any minute from now, most likely before you read this. 
Here's up-to-now rarely seen February 2009 footage of the Offsets in action, one of the great bands of their era, in full flight.  Free in Sound.  The bulk of the clips are from D-22 w/ additional documentary and other color footage showing the band going thru a few different arrangements of tunes and different set-ups of the three in various combinations of viola / keys / guitar.  Any non-believers are sure to be converted and those of you who're already fans are going to receive the top shelf aural treatment that you deserve until the next releases by The Offset: Spectacles, already in the works.  Close yr eyes, look inward at the stars, see the phantom rhythm. . .