Thursday, November 10, 2011

Kim Fowley knows about Violet Times & The Blimp...

Met the Living Legend, the Baby Bulldog himself, last evening at the Norton Records 'Kicksville Confidential' comic book release party. GREAT comic too- i say check it out. A true hero of epic proportions in the Violet Times multiverse, he's in town to host Norton's 25th Anniversary blowout (featuring Black Lips,'s, Sonics, Reigning Sound, Question Mark & The Mysterians, Cyril Jordan & Roy Loney of Flamin' Groovies, and many, many more) as well as read from his upcoming Kicks Books mindbender, "Lord Of Garbage", which will soon join other fine Kicks reads from Nick Tosches, Sun Ra, and Andre Williams on the bookshelf. Congrats to Billy & Miriam on 25 years of debaucherous rock n roll wax greatness.

I gave him a DVD copy of way below ground Psychotronic classic, 'Petertag', made by Lucas Gunn of The Blimp, as well as 'Drano' & 'Shirley' 45s, while wearing my Jimbo Easter drawn & screened Garbage River t-shirt. Epic. Now that the Ultimate Underground Animal knows about us, we can sleep contentedly at nite, right? Let's hope he likes the film too! I think if anyone can or would appreciate this flick tho, it's the Tall Cool One.

Also, in a (perhaps not so) subliminal way, and to bring things full circle, 'Petertag' can be viewed, on some level at least, as a sort of tribute to Hasil Adkins, whose "Out To Hunch" LP started it all for Norton 25 years back. Well, that's at least one potential puzzle piece to this visual vavoom.

Saturday, November 5, 2011

electric eels 'Agitated' / 'Cyclotron' (Rough Trade) 45 art on a coffee mug

cool. i got mine, you get yours? best single ever? (actually, i usually tell people this 3 song Dave E single is the best but 'Agitated' is certainly worthy.) proceeds go directly to the band/artist, and they deserve it. makes a great gift...

you can also peruse and purchase other art from John D Morton at his site.