Saturday, September 24, 2011

"vintage" Mirrors 'Shirley' Hearthan 45 ad from Psychotronic Video magazine

Hey hey, a quick one. Flipping thru a back issue of Psychotronic lately that i got from the best used record shop in NYC, my eye caught this tasty bit that i thought i'd share here. Cuz it's a cool bit and even relevant to this here sput that is VTWrecks. Nothing too involved, just exactly what the title up there sez. It's how i gripped my first copy of the classic pre- punk platter and many others did as well, i'm sure. Not sure that it was this particular issue that i saw back when- think there might've been a few ad variations over the years, but i ain't pulling out my other back issues this sec. He's still got issues available of the very worthy read at his site if ya so please, pleaser. B-movie, exploitation, 'something weird' type film fans take note, ok? Cool.

Don't think he's got copies still but I've got just a very few copies of the repress left if ya need, here, and the other classic Cle proto-punk wildness that Violet Times reissued at the same time, Poli Styrene Jass Band (aka: The Styrenes) 'Drano In Your Veins' 45 which is even harder to find in its original form and equally essential to these ears, if not the mass ear. Who said the good's gone?

And while i've got yr attention people, remember- there's no "the" in "Mirrors".