Thursday, December 30, 2010

Mirrors / electric eels CD's available from Violet Times

Hey hey. I've got limited copies of these classic Cleveland, Ohio pre-punk / proto-punk sounds to peddle on the dreaded, much maligned "cee dee" format - b,b,b,b,but wait- both ESSENTIAL collections were put out by the top of the pops Overground Records in the UK. He hasn't done vinyl in awhile but ya can't find that Swell Maps or the bulk of that Shapes disc elsewhere, friends. Two examples of many, to be sure, and that's just the DIY punk segment of his roster. What have you done lately? Distribution has perhaps been a bit spotty in ye ol' U.S. of A. so here ya go, cheap!

Both feature art by the great John Morton, he didn't invent music, he just perfected it- that's what i tell people anyway. They usually look back blankly, if at all. Hey! I'm talkin' to ya!

Liner notes for Mirrors are/were writ by one Christopher Stigliano of Black To Comm fame (infamy?) while the notes for electric eels' disc are by Michael J. Weldon of Psychotronic Video fame. (Quick aside- he lives in a land where the miniature horses run free, manes flowing in the breeze.) Ultimate Troglodyte stomp, one of my favorite drummers, yes- have you listened to that phenomenal break in the song Annie, lately?

Both have ceased physical publication of their late, great, much missed (fan)zines but both offer up back issues for sale on their sites tho, if ya wanna. Well worth tracking down, thank me later. Lots o' good reading ya can't find on the fuggin' internets.

Cool photos in these here CD booklets, as well- such as this flyer reprint from one of the legendary Extermination Night shows, 1974.

One caveat: these discs are new, unplayed, but there are some marks on them from when they were shipped to me from overseas, unfortunately. Nothing to be ashamed about, just lettin' ya know... Here's the goods, now send me some money so i can use it to wipe this drool offa my chin.

Mirrors "Hands In My Pockets" CD
- 19 choice cuts- many exclusives! Overground told me this is now just about sold out, FYI.

electric eels "The Beast 999 Presents... in Their Organic Majesty's Request" CD
-22 choice cuts- many exclusives!

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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Jay Brown photo exhibitions - 80's/90's Columbus, Ohio / Datapanik Records + more

Hey, i chanced upon this worthy Kickstarter via the great Columbus-centric Minimum Tillage Farming site, thought you might be interested.  There's a vid montage of his work if ya click the link and the second quote below explains the "traveling art show" idea.  Hope this happens, so many cool snaps of the bands and era.  You've most certainly seen his photos on many Columbus bands' albums and singles over the years.

"jfotoman would like you to have a bit of real rock 'n roll history. After spending close to 27 years photographing the real movers & shakers of rock 'n roll, he thinks it's time you properly get to see what he has seen, and hopefully help him continue his chronicles. jfotoman (aka Jay Brown) has been lucky enough to capture such iconic indie bands as Husker Du, Sonic Youth, Dinosaur Jr. (before & after the Jr.), Superchunk, Nirvana, New Bomb Turks, Guided By Voices, the White Stripes, the Black Keys, and many more, while they were still unknowns playing on tiny stages for beer & gas money. These photos are a historical document of those gritty shows, usually taken in 200 capacity clubs (or smaller), inches from the stage, guitars & beer bottles flying, way before the influence of big labels, handlers & fame."

"Secondly, and what I feel is the most important part of the project, is the creation of a traveling art show. These photos were taken with the intent to be viewed (duh!). If funded, select images will be printed, matted & framed, then displayed in galleries, art fairs, and other not so traditional spaces. Galleries that already have expressed interest in showing my work include ones in Cleveland, Columbus, Memphis, New York, & Chicago."

Friday, April 23, 2010

The Styrenes 35th Anniversary Dymaxion Tour

I'm a little late in posting this, but be sure to check out The Styrenes on their Dymaxion Tour of 2010 if they're heading your way. Here's what i wrote elsewhere a few weeks ago...


4/17 @ Orion Studios, Baltimore w/ Kohoutek ("In C" performance)
4/18 @ Velvet Lounge, DC w/ Kohoutek
4/19 @ The Triple, Richmond w/ Kohoutek and two locals TBA
4/20 @ The Lab, Asheville w/ A Burning Bus (Don Howland of Bassholes, Gibson Bros)
4/21 @ Caledonia Lounge, Athens w/ Grape Soda, Tunabunny
4/22 @ Betty's Grill, Nashville w/ CYOD
4/23 @ Art Damage Lodge, Cincinnati w/ BPA
4/24 @ Empty Bottle, Chicago w/ Daily Void, John Bellows
4/25 @ Beachland Ballroom, Cleveland w/ Home & Garden (ex-Pere Ubu) and Film Strip
4/26 @ The Summit, Columbus w/ Psandwich (Ron House of Thomas Jefferson Slave Apartments, Ego Summit, Great Plains, etc.)
4/28 @ M Room, Philly w/ Kohoutek, My Mind
4/29 @ The Church, Boston w/ The Tampoffs, The Big Disappointments
4/30 @ Death By Audio, Brooklyn w/ Kohoutek, Home Blitz ("In C" performance)
5/1 @ Cake Shop, Manhattan w/ Kohoutek, Pink Reason, Tyvek (Cake Shop 5th anniversary show!)

(there will also be a
Cherry Blossom Clinic with Terre T session at WFMU from 3-6pm on Saturday, May 1st, 2010)
( this is done by John Morton which is the best reason i've ever heard to sign up for Twitter! )

That's right, you get the main forces from both Mirrors and electric eels filling out the lineup on this tour to make this a must see
show. The rest of the lineup will be long time members, guitarist U.K. Rattay, bassist Al Margolis and drummer John Dylan Keith.

Expect "a show that spans all the bands and their history, from the early '70s to our most recent", a choice cover or two and a few overlooked gems.

The band will also have limited represses of the first Mirrors, electric eels and The Stryrenes 7" singles and other merch to be sold only at these shows. Not sure if the singles will be quite ready for the start of tour but we're hoping. West coasters and overseas will have to wait until after tour ends to buy any remaining copies.

Stay tuned right here for details on when they are available for the masses. Additionally, John Morton has been posting video reports of the tour here.