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The Blimp - Not Beer 12" EP

Where do you live?

12" vinyl only EP debut from Lucas Gunn and company w/ pro-printed cover and inner sleeve, recorded by Justin Higgins at Old Standard Sound in Portland, Oregon.  Also features Hart Gledhill from The Hunches. 

Mirrors - "Shirley" b/w "She Smiled Wild" 7" (VT 104)  w/ sturdy, color pocket sleeves. Recorded in 1975, originally issued by David Thomas' (of Pere Ubu) Hearthan Records in 1977.
This 45 is now SOLD OUT from VIOLET TIMES.

Poli Styrene Jass Band - "Drano In Your Veins" b/w "Circus Highlights" 7" (VT 103) 
aka: The Styrenes

Issued w/ hand-stamped sleeves just like the originals but these also have printed labels instead of stamped.

Essential reissue of lysergic post-psych/proto-punk Cleveland, Ohio classic recorded during the extra time leftover during Mirrors' Owl Studios (Columbus, Ohio) session in 1975 and originally issued by Paul Marotta on his own Mustard Records in 1975.

Members of Mirrors / electric eels / Pere Ubu / Wildfang, The Band With 1,001 Names / The Feelies / etc.

"The end of Mirrors, the birth of The Styrenes, and the revenge of the eels" - Jamie Klimek, remarking upon the debut live appearance of the Stryenes in 1975 at Case Western Reserve Studio-A-Rama. 
This 45 is now SOLD OUT from VIOLET TIMES.

The Cakekitchen - "Kangaroos In My Top Paddock" LP (VT 102)
This LP is now SOLD OUT from VIOLET TIMES.

ex- Nocturnal Projections, ex- This Kind Of Punishment... you lucky ducks. 

Mirrors - "Something That Would Never Do" LP  (VT #01) 

All trax recorded 1974/1975 culled from Owl Studios session (Columbus, Ohio) and various rehearsal and live tapes.
This LP is now SOLD OUT from VIOLET TIMES.