Thursday, June 2, 2011

Victory Chimp stop motion video by Sonja Eklund

Here's the entry in Drag City's contest for an ad promoting the audiobook version of the great 1997 novel 'Victory Chimp' read by author, and former member of Royal Trux & Pussy Galore, Neil Michael Hagerty (also featuring sounds by his superb current group The Howling Hex) done by the friend of Violet Times and sometime 'art department' of sorts. Sonja did the psychedelic (psychedelicious?) hot dog poster art for The Whines bbq show we did a few Sundays back and of course we at VT are honored that NMH is one of the artists showing at the Foggy Notion exhibition happening thoughout June 2011 at Live With Animals in Brooklyn, NY, USA, Earth, etc...

I'm not sure exactly sure how the 'winner' is chosen, but i guess you have to 'vote' which presumably means click 'like' below the video on the actual page if that option doesn't appear here on the embedded vid.

It's not a stretch to say that her entry is far and away the best of the finalists, (hint: she's finalist #3 right in the middle of 5) and it even seems entirely plausible after viewing the other entries that she may be the only finalist who's even seen an actual copy of the book, let alone read it.

Without further ado, let Victory Chimp, Master Of The Mutiverse, guide you and may the power of the Jimmy Ring be with you when viewing. Make the right choice, and don't hesitate, the contest ends about a week from today. The 'winner' gets their ad shown on cable TV...

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