Friday, April 23, 2010

The Styrenes 35th Anniversary Dymaxion Tour

I'm a little late in posting this, but be sure to check out The Styrenes on their Dymaxion Tour of 2010 if they're heading your way. Here's what i wrote elsewhere a few weeks ago...


4/17 @ Orion Studios, Baltimore w/ Kohoutek ("In C" performance)
4/18 @ Velvet Lounge, DC w/ Kohoutek
4/19 @ The Triple, Richmond w/ Kohoutek and two locals TBA
4/20 @ The Lab, Asheville w/ A Burning Bus (Don Howland of Bassholes, Gibson Bros)
4/21 @ Caledonia Lounge, Athens w/ Grape Soda, Tunabunny
4/22 @ Betty's Grill, Nashville w/ CYOD
4/23 @ Art Damage Lodge, Cincinnati w/ BPA
4/24 @ Empty Bottle, Chicago w/ Daily Void, John Bellows
4/25 @ Beachland Ballroom, Cleveland w/ Home & Garden (ex-Pere Ubu) and Film Strip
4/26 @ The Summit, Columbus w/ Psandwich (Ron House of Thomas Jefferson Slave Apartments, Ego Summit, Great Plains, etc.)
4/28 @ M Room, Philly w/ Kohoutek, My Mind
4/29 @ The Church, Boston w/ The Tampoffs, The Big Disappointments
4/30 @ Death By Audio, Brooklyn w/ Kohoutek, Home Blitz ("In C" performance)
5/1 @ Cake Shop, Manhattan w/ Kohoutek, Pink Reason, Tyvek (Cake Shop 5th anniversary show!)

(there will also be a
Cherry Blossom Clinic with Terre T session at WFMU from 3-6pm on Saturday, May 1st, 2010)
( this is done by John Morton which is the best reason i've ever heard to sign up for Twitter! )

That's right, you get the main forces from both Mirrors and electric eels filling out the lineup on this tour to make this a must see
show. The rest of the lineup will be long time members, guitarist U.K. Rattay, bassist Al Margolis and drummer John Dylan Keith.

Expect "a show that spans all the bands and their history, from the early '70s to our most recent", a choice cover or two and a few overlooked gems.

The band will also have limited represses of the first Mirrors, electric eels and The Stryrenes 7" singles and other merch to be sold only at these shows. Not sure if the singles will be quite ready for the start of tour but we're hoping. West coasters and overseas will have to wait until after tour ends to buy any remaining copies.

Stay tuned right here for details on when they are available for the masses. Additionally, John Morton has been posting video reports of the tour here.

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